About Us

Steelframe Design & Build™ is an innovative light gauged steel system that has revolutionised the construction of residential houses, apartments and commercial projects.

Leading the way in construction technology, Steelframe has utilised advanced design and engineering software to design a method of construction that delivers results in a more cost-effective and time-efficient manner. The result is a consistently superior product that can be produced quickly in large volumes off-site, thus solving many of the issues facing the construction industry today.

Quality & sustainability

The future of construction lies in sustainable man-made materials such as light-gauged steel (LGS) systems that can be produced quickly and cleanly. Our LGS system is fabricated using quality steel coils shaped at ambient temperatures by roll-forming machines. A detailed design is produced inhouse, which speeds up compliance and minimises room for error onsite. Developers can achieve significant cost savings due to increased output and a more efficient production cycle.

Speed & safety

Steelframe can produce large quantities of roof trusses, floor joists and walls at high speed with consistent quality and precision, meaning construction times are significantly lowered, yet the quality of build is kept to a very high standard. The use of LGS also reduces the safety risk during the construction phase as it is a lighter and more movable material onsite. Despite its lightness in construction, the end result is a strong and durable product.